Savvy homeowners are always looking for ways to keep more of their hard-earned money. In your efforts to live a frugal lifestyle, you might clip coupons, hunt for bargains and carefully stick to a household budget. However, you could be overlooking one of the wisest strategies for saving money — slashing your energy bills.

In the average U.S. home, more than half of the energy used goes toward heating and cooling. However, a remarkable amount of this energy eventually goes to waste due to various inefficiencies. Getting a handle on your family’s energy use can save you some cash and simultaneously fulfill the goal of making your home more environmentally friendly. Here are our top five HVAC energy-saving tips.

Replace Your Filters

When was the last time you checked or replaced your HVAC filters? Many people never give these a second thought, but filters are one of the most critical components of your home’s heating and cooling system. When the air filter becomes clogged with dust, dirt and pollutants, it forces your furnace and air conditioner to work much harder to circulate air through your ducts. This extra effort will send your energy bills skyrocketing, increase your carbon footprint and drain your bank account. The strain associated with clogged filters can also lead to the premature failure of your HVAC equipment. 

Replacing your filters is a quick, inexpensive DIY fix that only takes a few moments. If you’ve never taken time to learn your filters’ location and how to swap dirty filters for clean ones, it’s wise to review your owner’s manual. Most filters need replacing every three months, but you may wish to follow a more frequent schedule if anyone in your family has allergies or if you have pets. 

Use a Programmable Thermostat

As straightforward as it is to change your air filters, programmable thermostats are an even easier energy-saving solution. These “smart” devices are a set-it-and-forget-it way to control your home’s temperature. For example, if you and your family are going on vacation, there is no reason to pay to heat or cool an unoccupied home. You can set your thermostat to cycle your HVAC system on and off less frequently while you’re gone, thus saving you money. 

Many brand-new programmable thermostats come with advanced features, including Wi-Fi capability, air filter change reminders and compatible mobile apps that allow you to change your temperature from anywhere. A programmable thermostat is a reasonably priced purchase that can quickly pay for itself within a few months of use.

Install Efficient Equipment

If a trustworthy HVAC technician warns you that your current heater or air conditioner is nearing the end of its usable lifespan, it’s worth your time and money to research and invest in the most energy-efficient equipment your budget will allow. A new, energy-saving HVAC installation may come with a higher upfront cost, but it will pay for itself over time as you realize a significant savings on your energy bills. 

Knowledgeable professionals can also recommend the correct size for your home and ensure the new HVAC unit’s specifications are all up to code, giving you the best chance of having a high-performance, energy-efficient unit from the beginning. You’ll enjoy a quieter system and improved indoor air quality, too.

Seal Your Heating and Cooling Ducts

If your property has a central HVAC system and your energy bills always seem unusually high regardless of the season, your air ducts are a likely culprit. The ductwork that circulates air throughout your home is notoriously inefficient. The EPA estimates that leaks, holes and improperly connected ducts are responsible for the loss of 20 to 30% of conditioned air in a typical house. 

Even tightly sealed and insulated ducts lose some heating and cooling, especially if they are in unconditioned areas of your home like attics and crawl spaces. While you may feel tempted to do this work yourself, it’s best to leave the task to a trained professional. An experienced HVAC tech can repair or modify your ductwork to address any leaks or areas where heated and cooled air might escape your home. As a result, you will slash your energy bills and have better year-round comfort, while giving Mother Nature the respect she deserves.

Sign up for Preventive Maintenance

Just as you would take your car to a mechanic for an oil change before driving it on a long road trip, your heating and air conditioning needs periodic tune-ups to ensure it can deliver optimal performance. 

Above & Beyond’s preventive maintenance plan gives you peace of mind by catching minor issues before they have a chance to snowball into expensive, disruptive problems. It’s an investment that will save you time and money by reducing costly breakdowns, cutting your energy bills and possibly even extending your equipment warranties. Regular maintenance will also minimize the chances that unusual noises or smells coming from your HVAC system will adversely affect your quality of life.   

At Above & Beyond, we are happy to provide you with best-in-class preventive service, 24/7/365 emergency repairs and our expert advice on the best energy-saving HVAC equipment and maintenance for your Delaware home. 

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