Coronavirus [COVID-19] Preparedness

For the health and safety of your family.

Hello from the team at Above and Beyond Heating and Cooling. We are taking the current Coronavirus outbreak very seriously and are executing a number of protocols to help keep you and your family safe. Routine services for April have been delayed. However, emergency services are still available as we considered an essential service.

Sanitary Protocols for Your Protection

We are closely following CDC recommendations and implementing as many sanitary protocols as possible.

These include:

  1. Disinfected or medical grade gloves will be worn at every job.
  2. Boot covers will be worn before entering the house.
  3. All tools and equipment will be sterilized before each job.
  4. No tool sharing will occur between employees.
  5. Post-job cleanup and disinfectant wipe down will be completed.

Minimal Contact HVAC Service

We will be doing our best to reduce the amount of contact between our employees and your home and family.

The following steps describe our current process:

  1. Digital or telephone confirmation of predicted employee arrival
  2. Exterior entry where possible (example: outside basement access to furnace)
  3. Reduced interior access to minimal essential locations and 6 foot social distancing
  4. Text message job updates or questions from your technician
  5. Digital or telephone credit card payment processing
  6. Digital receipt after job completion

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