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Replace your existing heating and cooling system with a WaterFurnace geothermal unit and cut your energy bills by up to 70% in the process. Make the switch today and experience all that geo has to offer.

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Saving the Planet and Your Wallet

WaterFurnace’s geothermal units are not only the most efficient and environmentally conscious heating and air conditioning systems available, they can also help you save up to 70% on your heating and cooling bill by running more efficiently and making use of renewable sources of energy. Most homeowners save more on monthly bills than they pay for the system when installation costs are financed, and many see a return on investment of 10-20% over the life of the system.

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26% Tax Credit

US Tax Credits Through 2023

A 26% federal tax credit for residential ground source heat pump installations has been extended through December 31, 2022. The incentive will be lowered to 22% for systems that are installed in 2023, so act quickly to save the most on your installation.

How does Geothermal Work?

While the temperature outside your home dips and rises haphazardly bringing heating and cooling costs up as they go, just a few feet below the ground —hovering at 55°-70°F year-round— lies a mostly untapped reservoir of dependable temperature control. WaterFurnace’s geothermal systems are able to tap into this free energy with a series of underground water-cycling pipes called an earth loop. This technology is used to provide your home or office with access to an infinite source with which to maintain your home comfortable year-round.

Benefits of Geothermal

Earth Conscious

WaterFurnace systems are rated number one in energy-efficiency. They make use of renewable sources and can still deliver upwards of five times as much energy as they consume. Giving them a more than 530% energy-efficiency rating when compared the usual 98% from gas powered furnaces.

Quiet and comfortable

Geothermal units can run for longer periods of time, keeping your home at a perfectly balanced temperature day and night all while running at a consistently low speed and producing minimal sound. This means fewer trips to the thermostat and fewer interrupted moments of peace.


Not only do WaterFurnace’s geothermal systems lower monthly energy bills through optimal performance, you also have the support of states, municipalities and utilities around the country which offer incentives to facilitate your geothermal installation. To find out about rebates, tax incentives or low interest loans, visit dsireusa.org

Why WaterFurnace?

WaterFurnace is the most recognized and respected name in geothermal. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, WaterFurnace has been synonymous with geothermal and water source heat pump technology since its foundation in 1983. With service areas spanning all 50 states and beyond as well as a keen eye for sustainability and clean engineering, why not choose the most trusted and respected name in the industry?

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